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I am a drug addict.  Have been since birth.  It’s my dad’s fault, or at least it started with him.

Every Sunday in Winter, instead of going to Church, he’d stay home with his lines.  He’d invite eleven of his good friends over.  He didn’t care that I was an infant right there in the room.  In fact, I’d almost swear he enjoyed it.  And I’d watch and learn how to get a perfect hit.  I spent my childhood Springs alone with him in the backyard, shooting up, getting as high as I could, and desperately trying to get higher.  And then I’d come inside and turn the TV on, and hallucinate about being able to fly.  It didn’t stop.  It never stopped.  It will never stop.

I still relish the violence of Sunday afternoons.  I still dream of getting 10′ high.  I’m addicted: To speed on 1 mile oval tracks.  To the grass of Barcelona, Manchester, and Brazil.  To the ice of Canada.  To the ecstasy of victory.  To the denial of defeat.

I am an addict.  Always will be.  Thanks Dad.

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